Taiwan Trip 2015 (台灣30天環島記) - 30 days Backpacking around Taiwan

From the 11th of January to the 9th of February I packed my bags, left the comfort of my own home and headed to Taiwan for a 30 day back trip around the whole island.  I travelled for 30 days because that's the maximum amount of time I could get with my visa. So why Taiwan? Well there are 3 main reasons (would elaborate more on the points in a separate post):
  1. I would like to experience mild winter. 
  2. My last trip 3 years ago was really really rushed as I spent most of my time there attending a conference.
  3. Malaysia and Taiwan being ex-colonial states have a lot in similarities and I was really interested to learn more on how and why Taiwan is at this level as of today.
Places I covered throughout the 30 days

The plan was quite straight forward: I begin my trip in Taipei, and then move towards the east coast starting with Yilan, go down south to Kenting and head back up the west coast to Tainan, Chiayi, Taichung before returning to Taipei again. There were a few changes here and there during the trip whenever I feel i wanted to have a change of plans or my planning went wrong but I managed to settle it nevertheless. It's really good training for my critical training and adapting skills haha. Prior to coming here I had bought a Lonely Planet guide to read about Taiwan in general and most of my planning was based on the book. Although it was a really expensive purchase and it had its flaws, I believe it did helped me to give a better idea on what and where to visit. Throughout my trip I've tried Couchsurfing, but mostly staying at backpacker's hostel. I did also try Airbnb and getting a really cheap hotel room for some locations but the experience at the hostels was still the best for a lone traveller. And lastly, I also grabbed a Sony RX100 Mark 3 to take all my photos because I figured bringing a 1kg DSLR is going to break my back sometime throughout the trip and having a pocketable and high quality camera is definitely much more convenient.

All in all I spent less than RM5500 inclusive of air tickets which cost RM825 by Malaysia Airlines. Before I left to Taiwan I changed RM4020 worth of TWD which sadly came to about NTD36,000. Then I withdrew another NTD5000 during my final few days so I could splurge on some nice food as well as buying souvenirs back home. There was hardly any spending for shopping materialistic stuff and I only took the taxi twice. Despite being that prudent I actually spend quite a lot on food everyday (well for backpackers standards mind you), although there were skipped meals here and there when the timing wasn't right or when my Taiwanese friends generously offered to pay for me haha. I guess that pretty sums up my trip.

Google maps location history 

My travel itinerary:

Day 10: Kaohsiung 高雄 (Lao Jiang Red Tea 老江紅茶), Kenting 墾丁 (Langkawi Hotel 南卡威音樂餐廳旅店, South Beach 南灣,  Kenting Main Street 墾丁大街)


Anonymous said…
May i ask how did u travel in east coast of taiwan mainly? Was there any intercity bus services?
ZS said…
Hi. From city to city i traveled using the trains whilst in the town/city itself i travelled by bus or followed a tour :)

And to answer your questions,yes there are intercity bus services.
Anonymous said…
Do u recommend buying TRA 10 day pass if i wanna travel round taiwan island alone?
ZS said…
Hi! sorry for the late reply. How much is the pass worth? You can calculate the individiual train ticket prices and see if it is cheaper than the rail pass to decide.